How our wealth coaching works:
A letter from Steve Davis, the founder.
Step 1: The TWA Wealth Mastery Class

Enroll and take our wealth mastery class. This is a live class given in Houston and Dallas Texas. Coming soon to other cities. It is only presented once a month. It is a Saturday class from 8 to 5. This class is the foundation of our wealth coaching program. In it I will discuss the map that you will need to travel along to achieve financial independence using real estate. I will show you how I started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in almost 4000 apartment units. I will show you every step that I took and how you can do it too. Most people are not starting from this position and can skip many of the steps that I had to take cutting years off of the process. However, it is important to see the whole process from beginning to end so that there are no excuses for not succeeding.

The Wealth Mastery class covers all of the following:

  1. Property Locating
  2. Property Evaluation
  3. Financing
  4. Cash flow analysis
  5. Wholesaling
  6. Flipping
  7. Single-family rental
  8. Apartment rental and more
Wealth Coaching
Step 2: Unlimited Question and Answer with the wealth coaches.
After graduation from the wealth mastery class, you will be able to call or email the office and talk to the wealth coaches as you are doing your deals. They will walk you step by step through your deals until you know what you are doing. For some people, this is only 1 or 2 deals. For others it may be 20+ deals. It doesn’t matter. What ever you need, we will support you. There is no limit. Our wealth coaches have over 25 years of coaching experience and are all personally trained by me. They also have me as a backup with an additional 30 years of experience. If they get a question that they don’t know the answer to, they will put you on the phone with me. I will answer the question with them sitting there so that they can answer it in the future. While this is rare, it is part of the training process for my wealth coaches.
Step 3: Property Acquisition
This is when you close your first deal. Our team includes a vendor list that has every person that you will need on your team to do your deals. CPA’s, attorneys, mortgage companies and contractors of all types are included. These are trusted and experienced professionals that will help carry you across the finish line and reach your goal of financial independence.
Step 4: Property Management
Our wealth coaches are all highly effective operators of single-family and apartments. As an owner you will be able to call your coach as you run into management challenges. Again, they will walk you step by step though the process no matter how many times you need help.
Step 5: Property Acquisitions
This is simply you second deal forward. You must stay focused on your goal of financial independence. Our wealth coaches will help you do that. They will be with you every step of the way. Once you close your first deal and get it up and running, you should immediately be looking for your next deal that will take you closer to your goal of financial independence.
Step 6: Financial Independence

This is when you achieve the goal of having a second stream of income that meets and exceeds your needs and wants. Your needs represent your bills and your wants represent your money for travel, romance and all the other parts of a balanced life.

The timeline for this is different for every person. If you have bad credit and no money, it may take seven to ten years to achieve. I did it in three. If you have money and credit it can go even faster.

To find out more, please attend our free, 2-hour, sample class. Simply click the link below to reserve a seat at the next event.
Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Davis,