The System Is Broken
Mission Statement

To coach people on how to lead more balanced and joyful lives. This includes building a second stream of income with real estate.

Why we do it.

95% of Americans fail to retire by age 65. 36% are dead. In 2018 the median savings of an American family was less than $12,000. The average was only $176,000. Nowhere near enough to retire. Americans are suffering financially due to the failure of our formal educational system to teach the principles of money and wealth. The good news is that we know what the 5% that do retire wealthy are doing: they all have a second stream of income. 70% of them used real estate to generate that income.

What we do.

We will stop the suffering by educating, motivating and encouraging others with the knowledge that the rich share with their kids that the poor and the middle class cannot.

How we do it.

Through live and online classes, we teach individuals and families the principles that lead people to more happy, wealthy and joyful lives. We will continue to educate our members through one on one coaching until they can do this on their own.

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